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At Center Street Capital Advisors (CSCA), we are committed to helping safeguard your family's success through a comprehensive 'Goals Centric' planning and investment process. And we follow a step-by-step process to make sure everyone is on the same page.

Investment Management

Most of your wants and needs will have an associated cost, which is precisely why “investing with purpose” is crucial in supporting your goals and meeting future liabilities. We will work side-by-side with you to define, develop and implement a “from scratch” wealth management strategy made from robust options, including:

  • An open architecture system with direct access to best-in-class active and passive investments
  • Strategic and calculated asset allocation
  • Proper investments into institutional money managers, ETFs, UITs, as well as equity and fixed income strategies based on our in-depth evaluations and your risk tolerance
  • Alternative investment platforms including hedge funds, private equity and structured products

Estate and Trust Services

Preserving your wealth for multiple generations can be a challenging, emotionally-charged undertaking. It consists of integrating your wishes, a lifetime of wealth, minimizing taxes and distributing your assets.

We can help you:

  • Prioritize your wealth transfer goals
  • Preserve and transfer wealth across generations
  • Coordinate with your Counsel on drafting and execution
  • Provide wealth education to your heirs
  • Administer trust, fiduciary and administrative services

Risk Management

When it comes to wealth, keeping what you have is just as important as how much you have. We can help create insurance strategies, structure your assets and titles, as well as hedge or monetize your stock positions to mitigate your assets' risk.

Philanthropic Planning

Few decisions you make are more personal and heartfelt than the causes you support—and we can extend the support you give in multiple ways, including Donor Advised Fund (DAF) solutions, managing family foundation assets, structuring your lifetime giving and enacting trust-driven charitable giving strategies.

  • Family foundation management
  • Trust driven charitable giving strategies
  • Structured lifetime giving

Banking & Lending

You might need a little extra capital so you can capitalize on opportunity. Through our Wells Fargo affiliates, you have access to lending products, including:

  • Securities-based financing
  • Residential mortgages
  • Home equity financing
  • Business financing
  • Credit cards
Equal Housing Lender


We take extreme pride promoting the empowerment of the LGBTQ community. Judith Kasen-Windsor, spouse of renowned LGBTQ luminary and activist Edie Windsor, heads our LGBTQ advisory team with the intent of honoring Edie's legacy.

The monumental Obergefell vs. Hodges Supreme Court decision comes with long-overdue financial benefits. It is our honor to help you take advantage of what you're rightfully owed.


Effective investment planning is a never-ending, dynamic process. Armed with the clarity of your intentions, our Advisors will develop a single and comprehensive strategic plan — and commit to its full evolution and execution.

Building a Balance Sheet

In order to know how we can best serve you, we'll need to know your full picture, big and small. Everything from the legacy you want to leave, the goals you have for your wealth, the “vision statement” you have for your family, as well as your assets and liabilities.

This step serves as the foundation of the plan we'll create for you.

Building a Base Case

Once we understand what we're working with, we'll better understand what we're working towards. We'll conduct an analysis to see if your finances are sufficient to meet your goals, forecast your future cash-flow based on variable capital market and inflation assumptions.

We'll also establish secondary goals you might have, such as philanthropic giving.

Building a Legacy

This is where we'll Identify and prioritize your wealth transfer goals, whether it's to your family, a cause or a company. We'll simulate your potential tax liabilities based on existing and projected tax laws and coordinate with your counsel to oversee the drafting and execution of your wishes.

Building a Moat

Accumulating wealth is important. So is defending your wealth. Together, we'll identify ways to mitigate potential pitfalls, including updating your insurance strategy, hedging against any concentrated stock positions you hold and striving to ensure your assets and titles are structured to your maximum benefit.

Building Wealth

No matter how much wealth you have, you might want even more.

Our advisors will design, develop and implement a truly custom investment strategy for your goals through a combination of creative alternative investment options, strategic allocations, as well as active and passive solutions.


Throughout the process, we'll reinforce the trust you place in us by pledging:
Objectivity, Transparency, & Accessibility

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